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So here we go with my first ever nashvillezombie review. Just going to give my impressions on things that I or my family experience – movies, restaurants, events, websites, whatever. This review has not been paid for or endorsed. For my first review, we’re going with a restaurant taco cart. Well, restaurant. Sort of.

Let me start out by saying that we here at thenashvillezombie (meaning me, currently) loves us some Mexican cuisine. I have tried in recent years to expand my taste buds and burgeoning Foodie habits, in particular seeking out authentic Mexican food. Of course, “authentic Mexican” can be a subjective term, especially for a white guy whose only place of residence has been Nashville, Tennessee. I do love a regular old taco, but I have really tried to expand past the Speedy Gonzalez as my Mexican dish of choice.

Carniceria Y Taqueria Don Juan is located in South Nashville on Nolensville Road near the Thompson Lane/Briley Pkwy intersection, right behind the Nissan dealership. The building is colorful, small and skinny. Not sure but it looks like it might have been an ice cream stand previously. The menu is painted on the side along with the prices. They serve tacos, burritos, tortas, and a few other items. There are drive thru windows on either side of the building, but I’m not sure if they use either one as part of their operation. One window was blocked by 2 cars, likely belonging to the owners / employees. There is a small wooden building with a metal roof in the grass next to it – that’s the dining area.

I’ll be honest, driving up and parking, we (my wife and I) were a little confused as to where or how to place an order. The place is definitely in the no-frills zone. But hey, no frills, no problems, we’re here for tacos! We saw a man and a woman inside the dining area and as we walked up, the man waved to us and kindly beckoned us inside. We asked if we could order and he said we could, what would we like, and we proceeded to place our order of 2 Al Pastor tacos, 2 Barbacoa (beef barbeque) tacos, and 1 beef burrito. He and the lady were soon off to the kitchen. We sat in the little shed-like building, beginning to sweat. It was 95 degrees outside and humid – the building had a running ceiling fan and a wall unit air conditioner (like you see in hotel rooms), but the screen doors were cracked and while it was fairly comfortable, it was rather warm.

The door on the other end of the shed led to a small area with a few children’s chairs and yard toys, complete with chicken-wire fencing to keep any roaming children contained. We took note of this as an area we could bring the little zombies next time. All the elements of that moment – the heat, humidity, running fan, chicken wire, and the stillness of the mid afternoon, made me feel as if I might have been in a real taco shack in Mexico.

We didn’t wait long for our food – then we didn’t wait long to dig in. What followed was a mixture of muffled and mangled “mmmms” and “ahhhs” and “whooos!” as the heat from the hot sauces kicked in. Really good, well prepared tacos. The pastor had a sweetness to it – might have had a few pineapple bits in there. Delicious. The beef burrito was huge, and make no mistake, this was not greasy ground beef, this was well seasoned steak. Quite possibly the best burrito I’ve ever had. The only drawback was we discovered a few bits of bone, both in the burrito and the barbacoa tacos, but that happens sometimes. Chew well and spit em out.

The experience was short but sweet, and delicious. The zombie will visit again. I wish I had taken more pictures but I only snapped one as we were leaving. I will try to take more next time we go – because THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

Verdict: thenashvillezombie recommends a visit!



The view as we headed back to our car. Yeah it’s kind of a hole in the wall, but that’s part of the charm!





Zombie Merch!

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Welp, here I am again, several months removed from my first posts – slacking, slacking, it’s what I do best. I’m in one of my less-slacking phases at the moment, so I wanted to share some zazzle merchandise I have created. If you don’t know, zazzle is a print on-demand service that prints your art and creations onto everything from t-shirts to just about anything you want – iPad cases, coasters, frames and ornaments, custom napkins, business cards, invitations, just about everything. I have had a store there for some time but I am in the process of reorganizing things and will likely be creating a few separate stores to support various themes.

My newest one is, naturally, thenashvillezombie. So far I only have 1 design available but more are coming. It’s the original illustration I did that I use part of for my avatar here. I did it originally as a Zombies team logo. Anyway, here it is, feel free to look at it, give some oooooo’s and aaaaaaaah’s and share, share, share. Also buy, buy, buy. Currently available on hats, shirts, aprons, and shopping bags. You can customize it as well, with colors, styles, and even add your own text if you’d like. I don’t know why you would, it’s pretty damn perfect as is.

That’s right, 3 posts in and I have officially sold out. Never said I wouldn’t. Thanks for looking!

Check it out if you are so inclined: thenashvillezombie store

We beat you, then we eat you

What’s in a name?

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Like most people new to blogging, I don’t know what I’m doing. I mentioned this in my opening post, and I’ll probably mention it again. And again.

Anyway, while a blog is new to me, being online and having an online persona/presence is not. I’m no web guru or anything, but I’ve been around for awhile. A long time ago you had a screen name, or username, or hell I even remember a few friends refer to “online handles” back in the day (late 90s – represent!). That seemed to go out of style for awhile but is coming back in thanks to twitter. This all changes frequently. While we obviously still have screen names, one trend that I’m seeing more and more is the move towards less anonymity and more – nonymity (new word – ™ © and ® thenashvillezombie). I assume there are several factors that are pushing this, but, having done zero research into this topic, the biggest is probably the desire for acknowledgement or fame. Obviously the meteoric rise of facebook and their use of real names there had nothing to do with it. Nothing!

Now, my username (thenashvillezombie – in case you have forgotten) is fairly new to me. I’ve usually signed up for other sites under a couple of other screen names, so there’s not much of a trace at this point of this handle. But here’s its origins, in case anyone cares: 1) I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and have all my life. So it’s definitely a part of my persona. 2) I like zombies (as do many of people these days). I like horror in general really. 3) I thought the name was fitting in general for many other reasons: I don’t sleep enough, I watch too much tv, I latch onto certain activities for awhile and tend to become fixated or, dare I say it, zombified for a good chunk of time (we’re currently coming out of the fantasy football season… more on that later). So, I liked it.

But then there is the question of using my real name, particularly in regards to this blog. I assume I will in the future, but with any new thing I do online I have always had a reluctance at first to share too much personally. It’s likely leftover from the earlier web days of more anonymity than we have now. I am also not quite certain of the direction of this blog, and how personal I plan to get. It’s going to be all over the place, I can tell you that up front. Hopefully some people will get some entertainment out of it and I’ll get better at entertaining. I was surprised that I already have a few followers, but that may just be the general wordpress culture. We’ll see. Either way thanks and hope you enjoyed post #2.


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Look, I have no idea how or why you’ve stumbled across this blog, let alone this post. Because this is the first post here. When you sign up for wordpress (which I did a long time ago and then started and stopped many times) you get to see this sample first post. It says “Hello world!” or something along those lines. I read that and I’m like, ok.

Because I’ve been in the world for a little while now. I’ve seen some stuff (not enough) and done some stuff (not nearly enough) and said some stuff (way too much, very little of it worthwhile). Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s likely you don’t either. I certainly have no idea where this is going, if anywhere – and I know you don’t. So, good. That puts us roughly in the same boat. Let’s get the rest of this first post out of the way, because intros are usually boring.

I like things, just like a few of you out there in the world. We all like things, we make things, we share things, we recommend things, we complain about things. So I’ll probably do some of that here. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. I don’t know. Maybe people will care, maybe (likely) they won’t. So just roll with it because that’s what I’ve decided to do. Me sitting here in my corner of the internet, blathering on like an idiot sure isn’t going to make anything any worse, right?